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The EDZE Team participates in selected research work that meets the standards for scientific research papers.

We look back to a study whose data collection expired on 31/12/2009, and whose results were thus available for publication in a prestigious scientific journal. The study in question was a prospective, double-blind, multicentre study.

We investigated the efficacy of a biofeedback device in the treatment of Grade 1–3 anal incontinence, with and without electrical stimulation. Patients with this condition were prescribed a corresponding device and were asked to practice with it mornings and evenings for 15 minutes. In so doing, one learnt how to flex the sphincter and strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. In the model using stimulation, the muscle was electrically excited after flexure by the patient. The results of the study are highly promising. You can view the study by using the following link:

The 3T-AI Study (englisch)

In the interim, follow-up studies and analyses have confirmed the initial results:


in addition, the efficacy of the stimulation devices used has been re-evaluated compared to low-frequency standard devices (Zentralblatt für Chirurgie).

Constipation study

We are now planning to participate in a study intended to demonstrate that electrical stimulation as described above causes more rapid passage of stools and can thus be applied as a non-medicinal therapy for chronic constipation. This is an interesting option for what is termed “Obstructive Defecation Syndrome” (ODS).


Membership of professional organisations and scientific associations

We view attendance at the various expert conferences and symposia as indispensable, and Hamburg’s proctologists also meet in regular quality circles to discuss their work. In addition, we ourselves host an advanced training event once a year.

We are members of the following societies and professional organisations:

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